Customs/Immigration/Entry/Departure Requirements: Visitors are required to have valid passports for entry into St. Lucia. When you complete your immigration form on the plane before landing write “Anse Chastanet Hotel, Soufriere” as your address since that is the nearest place that the officials will know. Keep your copy of the form. You will need it when you leave.
Taxi/Car Service: In order to have a comfortable arrival, and not to get lost (Mango Point villa location is in a secluded area), it is highly suggested that you allow us to have your party met at the airport by Jones, our reliable driver, since 20 years.
On your flight arrival, Jones will wait for you outside the Customs area, watch for the “Mango Point” sign. His taxi/van will accommodate up to 9 persons with all your luggage. Baby car seat is available. Fare is US$80 for 4 ($10 for each extra person).
International Airport is a 50 min drive from the villa. The scenic drive will take nearly one hour because St. Lucia is very mountainous. Although charming, the island roads are twisty and no sign posted. Driving is on the left.
Car Rental: We can arrange for a local rental car to be free delivered the following morning at the villa. Two and four door Jeep rentals. Car rental average price is US$92.00 – 103.50 + CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) is US$16 per day (optional).
Mandatory Local driving permit cost is US$22.
Car Rental Rates:View/PrintDownload

From Hewanorra International Airport (UVF). Travel time: 45 minutes
Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) is located in Vieux Fort, on the southern tip of St. Lucia.
Coming through the gates of the airport entrance you will turn right onto the west coast highway. Stay on this road to Soufriere. Follow the road into Soufriere town and continue north over the bridge. Continue to the turn off for Anse Chastanet Road located in front of the Hummingbird Resort. Follow the Anse Chastanet Road up 1.2 mile where a road will connect on the right. Turn right onto this road and Mango Point is the first villa located on the left side.
Detailed Directions from UVF:View/PrintDownload

From George F. L. Charles Airport (SLU). Travel time: 1 hour 45 minutes
George F. L. Charles Airport (SLU) is located on the north western coast north of Castries on the peninsula known as Vigie.
Leaving the airport you will make a right hand turn, go around the roundabout, to head south on the west coast highway. Continue driving on the west coast road, as you drop down the last hillside toward Soufriere, you will see signs at the bottom of the hill for the Hummingbird Resort & Restaurant as well as signs for Anse Chastanet Resort. This is Anse Chastanet Road. Turn right and follow this road up 1.2 mile, where a road will connect on the right. Turn right onto this road and Mango Point is the first villa on the left side.

Bathing suits definitely, beach towels, sturdy shoes for walking, sun hats, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, electrical adapters.
Palm lined lovely Anse Chastanet Beach Resort is at a 10 minutes walk downhill, 20 minutes uphill hike back. There is a US$15.00/day charge for beach chair.
St Lucia is 14º degrees north of the Equator: beware of the sun! pack high protection sunscreens, UV high protection sunglasses, during the rainy season, mosquito repellent, a thin windbreaker in case of showers. During the cooler winter evenings, a light wrap or a sweeter might be needed. Dress casual, cotton is best.
A few things are difficult to get or more expensive to buy locally.
You should bring cosmetics and toiletries, film, medicines, batteries, CD, DVD, a book you never had the time to read at home.
Pack any item you cannot do without: a particular salt or sugar substitute.
In general, since they are imported, meat packaged product prices are higher than in the US, produce and fresh seafood are cheaper.
One cost saving tactic is to bring some packaged goods from home, such as your favorite tea or coffee brand, snacks, canned ham.
Additional electrical and plug converters might be necessary.

There is an Internet Broadband WiFi connection at the house.
St. Lucia digital network is base on superior GSM. Please call your GSM network to activate roaming.
Mango Point villa telephone: (758) 459 7315, local calls are free. Operator dialing assistance is required for overseas. Dial the operator and pay your calls with a credit card. International calling phone cards are not useful in the island.
At the villa you will find a directory of all useful addresses and phones you might need.

The island supply is 220 volts 50 cycles, so be sure to check the setting of any dual-voltage items you may have brought with you. The villa has a 220 to 120 volts converter for your use but please note that it is not heavy-duty enough to handle powerful hair dryers and the like.

Pamela Leon / Cook is an expert cook in creole or international cuisine, knows how to mix delicious rum punches, piña coladas or fruit cocktails served with surprise appetizers. She arrives at 2:00 pm, she will do the shopping if you prefer, prepares and serves dinner and will leave at 8:00 pm after clearing the dishes and checking all doors.
Shopping service is free of charge unless transportation is required.
Jacqueline Auguste / Housekeeper arrives at about 8:30 am, prepares breakfast, a light lunch, keeps the house clean and does the house laundry. She leaves around 2:30 pm.
On the first day, tell Pamela and Jacqueline your diet preferences, so they both may organize their days to suit your needs.
Plan your daily meals shopping with our housekeeper 1 day in advance.
Both are warm and reliable persons, wear the fresh St. Lucian madras uniform and come daily. They have been at Mango Point over 20 years.
On Sundays, one of them works half day.
The staff hours can be altered by arrangement between you and the staff, although their daily presence is mandatory.
They all, perform their chores efficiently, unobtrusively and will contribute to make your stay a memorable one.
Augustin Possele / Grounds tends the garden grounds and swimming pool.
Febornia William / Manager – Cell phone: (758) 721-7070, Office: (758) 457-1807.
Residing in Soufriere, a 10 minutes drive away, ‘Febe’ supervises the house. You may call her if you need any help or if something seems wrong. At your request, Febe can pre-provision the house before guests arrival. A service charge of 15% of the total shopping bill + cost of the taxi will be added for preparing arrival basket.
With your confirmation, we will send you an arrival dinner, breakfast and lunch snack selections. Fine wines could be found at:
Maura / Masseuse – (758) 518 9290 Will come to the villa for a Swedish massage, her charge is US$70/hour.
Abraham Jones / Taxi-driver – Cell phone: (758) 584-6095 / (758) 720-7592

Do not leave valuables unattended on the beach or in plain sight in your room. You will surely enjoy the open plan style of this beautiful villa, we firmly suggest that you take particular care to safeguard your valuable items. Use the safe boxes available in the master bedrooms to keep passports, all cash, watches, jewelry, cameras. We did our best for Mango Point to be a safe house, close and lock the doors before retiring.
Please, help us to save water. (Our area is the driest of the area).
The water supply to the villa is treated town water but as the pressure is often low, we store the water in our cisterns for gardening. Bottled water is available in the stores in Soufriere if needed.

PitonsThere are fascinating places to visit within a short walk or drive and nice relaxing little restaurants. Photos opportunities abound.
We are at a five minutes drive to Soufriere. An amazing array of goods and services are available here: little supermarts, gas, banks, post office, and a handicrafts market.
The town itself was the first major settlement on the island. It is a relaxed, carefree, friendly place, where you get to know the local people. In Soufriere, you find something that is all too rare in the Caribbean these days: a caring and a closeness within this tiny community – taxi drivers, school girls, fishermen, banana cutters.
Scenically, it is magnificent: it is the St. Lucia of the rain forest, giant ferns, wild orchids, bananas and cocoa plantations. Back roads are overhung with mango, breadfruit and soursop tress.

Anse Chastanet BeachAnse Chastanet’s swaying palm tress beach, one of the loveliest in St. Lucia, is half mile from the villa, 15-minute downhill walk. Relax on the soft sand beach alternating between basking in the sun and under the shade of coconut tress. The beach has a soft surf, excellent for swimming and snorkeling. Either bring towels from our villa and return them or you can rent a chaise lounge and towels at the beach. You can have lunch at the Beach Restaurant.
For the more active, sailing, wind surfing, water skiing, and diving up the coast can be just the place. Some of the most spectacular coral reefs in St. Lucia are in this area, it is a real reef paradise for divers and snorkelers. The diving center at Anse Chastanet is a PADI 5 Star Scuba and snorkeling equipment is available for rental. Tennis can also be arranged for a small fee.
Twice a week a buffet is served on the beach, dance a calypso at the sound of a steel band!
Rent a boat and sail to the bay between the Pitons where you will find the luxury Sugar Beach Resort.
Go to Anse Cochon, a beautiful deserted beach. Beware of the sun, there is no shade here (a beach umbrella is available at the villa).

Diamond Botanical GardenDiamond Botanical Garden and Mineral Baths are located 10 minutes from our villa. Tour the beautiful gardens and sit in the purified, therapeutic warm, clear waters of the volcano in small wading pools where 8 people can soak at a time – a favorite of Empress Josephine Bonaparte and the French Revolutionary military, hundreds of years ago. They have been in use since 1785. The setting is beautiful and you can enjoy a bath in the 37C body temperature mineral water and feel ten years younger… You will even find a volcano to visit here, still bubbling but dormant. Walk to the end of the pathway to the waterfall for a great photo.
Morne Coubaril estate recreates a 18th century coconut and cocoa plantation.
Ladera Resort lies on a ridge between the Pitons, 1000 feet above the sea. To get there, you have to cross plantations of coffee, cocoa and bananas. A must see, even if you only stop for a drink. The view is spectacular at twilight as you watch the sun slowly sink into the sea.
On the road to Fonds St. Jacques, you find the tropical rain forest, where if you are in luck, you may see Le Jacquot, St. Lucia’s parrots and plants that can only be found in a botanical garden.
The Volcano tour is approximately an hour and the Botanical Gardens can also be seen in an hour depending on how long you bathe. Both of those attractions can be seen the same day. The Volcano potentially at 9:30AM and the Botanical Gardens at 11AM, getting you back to the villa in time for lunch around 1-2PM.

Driving to Castries, the island’s capital, is scenically beautiful, the road is twisting, 29 miles of it. Whether by car or by sea, stop at “Marigot Bay”. Sip a drink at “Hurricane Hole”. The marina is well known by seafaring people.
What to eat? For breakfast,, try the homemade “cocoa tea” – it is delicious! Taste the local coffee as well along with the tamarind balls or the guava fudge.
Depending on season, a fresh fruit salad can be made from mango, papaya, grapefruit, and banana. All these fruits and yams, dasheens, plantains, breadfruits and sweet potatoes can be found at the open air market, where the ‘produce ladies’ sell locally grown fruits and vegetables. The Castries Market is a great place in St Lucia where you will have the opportunity to see and buy almost anything grown in St Lucia. Not only will you be able to buy freshly grown produce, you will also see on display several products manufactured in St Lucia.

1/2 or Full-Day Deep Sea Fishing – call Febornia William, our manager (Cell: (758) 721-7070, Office: (758) 457-1807), to arrange with Charles.
Sailing, Fishing – Mystic Man ToursView/PrintDownload

Zipline – either 15-minutes away between the Pitons; or 1 hour away in the more exciting Rainforest, to Zipline between the tall trees (Jones, our driver, knows how to get there).

Diving/Scuba, Snorkeling, Kayaking – Watersports at Anse Chastanet and Sugar BeachView/PrintDownload

Orlando’s Restaurant & Bar (758) 459 5995 – Located downhill from the villa in Soufriere, 5 min drive. A nice addition to the local scene: fine Caribbean contemporary cuisine.
Boucan Restaurant (758) 572 9600 – Located 20 minutes from the villa and part of the Hotel Chocolat. It has more of a fine food selection with some interesting chocolate sauces. Great for dinner.
Ladera Dasheene Bar (758) 459 6623 – Located at the highest point between the Pitons with an amazing view. It’s great for pre-dinner sunset cocktails and you should try to get a table at the edge of the Cliffside. It’s a 20 minutes drive from our Villa. Arrive 5:45PM for Sunset Cocktail. Suggest Boucan Restaurant nearby .
Anse Chastanet Hotel Treetop Restaurant (758) 459 4000 – Cocktails on Patio & Dinner. Ask for “Old Treetop Restaurant” at edge of the cliff. Dinner starts around 6PM and you can have cocktails on the patio first.
Anse Chastanet Beach Restaurant (758) 459 7000 – Generally, on Tuesday evenings, it has a Caribbean Dinner Buffet, which includes a large steel band for your entertainment.

The Arawaks were the first inhabitants, they named the island Iouanalao, “land of the Iguana” with the Caribs it became Hewanorra, both tribes came from South America. And for a while they had it all for themselves. (some local pottery retains a pre-Columbian feel). But along the way , the old world came to visit the small island christened, on a map St. Lucia was born, the rest is history!
This island is so beautiful, it is no wonder the English and the French fought fiercely over it 150 years. St. Lucia became an independent country in1979.
Derek Walcott, a St. Lucian, is the first Caribbean writer to win the Nobel Prize for literature in 1992, Sir Arthur Lewis, won the awards for economics in 1979.